Science Dog

Instead of posting on this blog regarding home brew I decide to make a new site specifically for brewing. The idea is that I will keep track of recipes that I use, and what I do differently from batch to batch so I can recreate them or see what I did wrong upon reflection. It…


My first Kegging

I recently got my first home-brew keg setup and today I finally got to keg a batch of beer. We have dubbed this kind of beer “Moo Cow.” It is a clone of the Wisconsin beer “Spotted Cow.” I am really excited to try it once the cold crash and fining is done.  

Beercount 1

Kegerface / Beercount

I recently got a deep freezer secondhand and have setup a kegerator/KeezerĀ out of it. This makes it so I don’t have to bottle with yeast inside of the bottle anymore. This helps give beer out to friends and family and also have homebrew beer on tap. While I enjoy this and look forward to being…