Welcome to the world Aurora Rooney

Say hello to our new daughter, Aurora Rose Rooney. Born September 10th at 8:35 pm.

Kim called me with a bit of a frantic voice at 1:30 am telling me that she thinks her water just broke. I was in Wilmington Delaware for work and thus wasn’t there when this happened.

Thankfully her friend Kristen was on call to be the stand in husband for this little bit of time. Since she wasn’t due until the 25th we hadn’t expected for this to be an issue however thats not really how life goes. So I am grateful that we had a plan in place.

Thankfully i was able to get a flight back first thing in the morning so I left at about 6am and got to the hospital at about 9am. No way in hell i was going to miss the birth of my daughter so i jumped in the HOV lane and (don’t read this mom and dad) put the peddle down and sped off like i did when i was in High school.

Turned out that I could have took my time because our little girl took her sweet time getting here as well. She took about 19 hours. I guess she marches tot he beat of her own drum and wont let anyone tell her what to do.


So i guess all that is left to say is “Player 3 had joined the game” Its time to start the next chapter of our life and I already know its going to be a good one.


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