Say hello to Iris Quinn Rooney


6 pounds 10 oz. 19 inches.

First I have to say Kim is a trooper and is absolutely amazing. We got to the hospital at 10:20 this morning and we almost didn’t make it in time. She was in such pain and the contractions were so close I ran a few yellow lights to make sure we didn’t get stuck at the red lights. Turns out she so dilated that she ended up being about 3 mins away from “sorry you can’t have the epidural.” Needless to say she was very happy she didn’t have to do it with 100% pain.

Little Iris showed her face at 12:16. From the time we got there and actually setup in bed the entire process was about 1 hour 56 minutes. Its amazing to me how Kim was able to such an amazing thing. 5 years married 8 years together and she still amazes me at how strong and wonderful she is.

Welcome to the world Irish Quinn Rooney. Your mother is a superhero and your father is incredibly lucky to have you, your sister, and your mother.

Iris Quinn Rooney

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