Kegerface / Beercount

I recently got a deep freezer secondhand and have setup a kegerator/Keezer out of it. This makes it so I don’t have to bottle with yeast inside of the bottle anymore. This helps give beer out to friends and family and also have homebrew beer on tap.

While I enjoy this and look forward to being able to really utilize the new kegerator I really wanted an interface to be able to show and keep track of the items inside of the kegs. So I created a new site roughly based on an open source project called Kegerface.

This project uses mysql to control the information and php to send commands to keep track of the amount of liquid left in the kegs. The idea is that when you fill a glass with liquid out of the keg you click the link that says “# of beers left” and it will reduce it by one. It is also setup to display a pdf of the recipe inside of an iframe when you click the name of the beer/soda.

Screenshots – Recipe view Beercount 1 Mobile site

If you are interested in using it, a zip file containing it is also attached – Beercount

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