Redstar world wear

Update –

A rep got back to me today, and seemed more than happy to replace my two pairs. I had mentioned something regarding shipping these back to them in my original email, and in the response receive no mention of this. It seems that I may be able to keep these. (Though what I will use them for I don’t know, I can’t use them…)

Original –

I recently purchased some sunglasses from Redstar World Wear.  

Generally I find their products to be okay when you receive a discounted price. Clearly the price they offer for a cheap pair of sunglasses is outrageous but when you get $600 credit I tend to be okay with paying the service and shipping charge. However…

I don’t expect an incredible pair of sunglasses but I do expect ones that can actually be used. Take a look at what I received…

image image

I contacted their customer service regarding my issue and have not received any kind of response. They are simply ignoring me and they have now lost a customer forever. The first pair I tried was a little off to the point they are uncomfortable, and the second pair are simply useless. If anyone is thinking about purchasing from Redstar, I suggest you save your money to what is clearly a scam.

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